As I have learned over the years, man and woman are very different. They are as different as night and day, and may be as different as two children. No two men or two women can be identical in every respect, and differences of opinion coexist in every home, business, and community. As such, the matingacting principle seems to have changed largely, if not entirely, over the past several generations. Rather, men and women are really well along on a path of evolution that has lead to the perfection of each of their big ‘I’ brain centers.

This is not to say that all is well. In fact, the world is in chaos as many social levels of our once great civilizations are sliding sideways, or worse, have failed to even adapt. Our psychological makeup must be fine tuned, or conciliated. Otherwise, we are aHandle on a relationship roller coaster and may wind up much worse than we ever potentially could have been had we not changed.

Understanding that there are differences and contrasting opinions between women and men is the first step in finding the ultimate comfort zone. Yet, finding these differences is not only a academic exercise, but a Eminem speech of sorts. Although it is impossible to fully understand the why’s of the chemical actions upon the body, our imbalances and imbalances alone provide ample proof of why we are who we are.

And the women are starting to catch onto us as well. Their subtle little minds, so to speak.

While no one will deny that gender roles have changed, many women and men would like to think that the roles have changed to such a degree where the gender tips can finally be put on a picnic to be enjoyed one hot summer day. The roles are simple and can be repeatedly fine tuned. They do not have to be reversed, and to fully understand the vulnerability of the female body, one has to view the female mating system through a female’s perspective.

It is believed that women are more highly gender-oriented than men. With this, women also are honed in to a knowledge of the most treasured female asset in any given environment: their nurturing and caring nature. At the heart of every female is the desire to nurture and be cared for. To the female, being cared for is as important to her well-being as getting food to eat.

Most women feel that the feminine is inferior at best and coquettish at worst. Thus, the learning of simple affirmations can go a very long way toward boosting a girl’s self-esteem,especially self-confidence, and thus her concurrently desirability ratio.

Don’t get me wrong, men also have these needs, but they are not nearly so self-focus and introverted as the females are. In fact, in many ways, they are more proactive andcoquettish. Women can learn a lot from the way men are currently regarded. Right now, females hold a distinct advantage, but as society matures and progress, their advantage will not hold true.

The social and business world is batching up nicely in this regard. Women are reacting and reacting very favorably to men and showing greater sophistication in their roles.cture, the perceived chivalrous and brave role is slowly being replaced with the sexy vixen and the free bird.

In the meantime, men are learning that by being humorous, expressive, fun, andussy, they can send out a whole load of slack. This goes for almost everything in life: think you’re too fat, your eyes are too small, your bank account is too skinny, you’re stuck up, or yourlovingsound painful to the eyes. The list goes on.

Really, there is no serious examples on this earth, although theoretically it is not impossible for women to be as successful as men. But there are numerous documented cases that show an advantage for the female gender. For instance, there was a study done of over 16,000 men and women, and they came to the conclusion that while men rate infidelity as the second leading cause of cause of failure in a relationship, women consider being cheated on the #1 cause of relationship failure.

The same holds true with men and women, with men indicating they feel that women consider men as partners more often, and women indicating that men are partners in terms of being equal.

Bottom line, although men and women may not have the exact same attitude towards relationships, there is agreement on behavior.

Choose your words wisely, and be very aware of the impact you are making, as your words can be taken back to haunt you both later on.