We all have special desires and dreams that we want to fulfill and to have the power and control to do so; to have the guy we are crazy about, to keep him endlessly interested and therefore in return develop a healthy and faithful relationship with. As the old adage goes, love for others; but love for self can just make your head turn and move mountains. A glance at some of my clients’ profiles will show you that they have successful relationships with the sort of men they are passionate about and in some cases are not motivated to have a relationship at all. They are living the dream.

Attracting the right guy to fall in love with is not as difficult as you may think. There are several secrets that single ladies have to apply to successfully attract the right guy, have him passionately fall for you and want to be in a committed relationship with. These secrets have been successfully used by thousands of women successfully to find their dream love and in some cases their husbands. They are as follows:

Secret one: Speak softly and be firm. You do not know whom you’ll share your heart with unless you give it. If you are attracted to a guy and have decided to fall in love with him, verify his full intentions first. He might be after your money or other possessions. He might be out for your superb body. You just do not know. As a woman, be cautious and do not give any of your valuable information to a stranger you meet in a club suddenly.

A firm and consistent attitude is recommended when it comes to matters of love and dating. Believe it or not, guys can be shy and unsure of sharing their personal feelings. You will however, seem out of his league and letting him know that you are interested for him as well. Believe it or not, after the guy is interested in you, he will let his Quiet self flowing insecurities go by the wayside and be like a real man.

Men are mainly motivated by Sex. If he really has deep feelings for you, and you also have similar feelings for him, the two of you will have mountains of interesting conversations and lively activities that you both enjoy together. Your mutual love for the same thing will surely cool his feet and convince him to lower his guard and come out of his shell. He will be like putty in your hands.

Men are very conversationalists which is why it is your duty as a woman to converse continuously. Provide him hints; let him know that you are interested in everything he says while you are speaking to him. Talk appreciatively about his wardrobe, hobbies, ambitions and his achievements in life. He will be blown away by the way you connect with his thoughts. Allow him to talk freely and in fact, encourage him by appreciating that his opinions are very important to you. As men, they take pride in having totally submissive personalities, however anything you say to this will not be believed unless it has been confirmed by him. Never let a guy get the feeling that you are suspicious of his friendships with other women.

With the privilege of a wingman (if you have one) you can easily get your message across to the better looking guy in the crowd, who will be dying to know how you react when he approaches you. You have to make him feel that even without him, you are still fine and happy even without him by your side. Nothing will make your potential suitor more interested in you.

Innocent flirting although it may look nice in movies to have a woman chase a man, as in the theatre men love to be led by a woman and when you apply male psychology and set him up in a scenario where a man has the upper hand he will have no choice but to submit to your leadership. Men want women who are not too clingy and needy and who can be sociable with other people while leaving their own comfort zone relatively unfurbed.

Remember that men have difficulties telling when you are teasing them, making fun of them or simply making them envious. So curb your own desire to make them dance to your tunes or they might just walk away from you and never look back. Apply gentle teasing only when you are making them work for it, never when you are trying to make them into something that they are not.

When you are alone with him, touch him often and region significantly more in the beginning when you are speaking and flirting. Men are like babies, they love to be touched and they love it even more when they are being handled in a gentle relaxed way, like a baby bear holding his mother’s paw.

Make them work to get your attention and they feel like you are irresistibly attracted to them. Do it naturally and at times when they do not expect it because you know that this makes them happy.

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