Mature women are at a morehen older than when they were younger. The longer life spans of these women, coupled with the development of finer maturity, presents quantum changes in personal behavior and expectations. Thus, there has been a considerable change in the criteria for choosing a spouse.

Many older professional women choose to remain single for the simple reason that they no longer have the energy for engaging in a relationship. They have accomplished their goal of finding the right man and don’t wish to return to the point where they might have to compromise their standards. Furthermore, gratitude for a good relationship is no longer as much of a priority for these older women. The barrier to dating for older women has eased up considerably.

Women who choose to remain single illustrate many of the behavioral characteristics that are associated with higher societal-level expectations. These women are more willing to have casual relationships with men. They don’t express much enthusiasm for forming serious relationships and are much more effective when engaging in discrete intimate relationships.

From a behavioral point of view, women in their 40s and older have shown a significant decrease in making commitment to marriage. And, these women are more willing to have intimate relationships with different men. The younger woman, when in her early 20s, is more likely to be interested in settling down and has specifically cited ‘social status’ as a desirable feature in a potential partner. Differences in behavior between young and old women have been observed.

Women in their 30s and 40s are different from one another regarding expectations, priorities and behaviors. Women in the early 20s emphasize charm, sensitivity and bonding while those in their mid to late 30s emphasize financial independence, a desire for children and passionate love as their life inspires. Women in their 30s and 40s are able to consider long-term goals and express a desire for family while those in their 20s focus on the short-term and have no clear concept of family. Unfortunately, this age gap is not necessarily a negative thing.

Behavioral experts believe that women in their 30s and 40s are at their most empowered. And, theseadiCentiresa major role in their fulfilment. Behavior plays a significant role in individual development and progress. The ability of a woman to adapt to her changing situation as she learns the steps to achieving her long-term goals is remarkable.

Developmental maturity develops gradually. Many women are unable to provide early support for an elderly parent. Because of their busy schedules, they are not always available to spend quality time together. But, the pace of change to these women’s voices and priorities often makes it challenging to maintain a harmonious relationship with a partner. Most of these women know exactly what they want from their relationship (i.e. financial security, emotional closeness, physical chemistry and personalized services). But, because of inconsistent responses to their request for what they want, they may be at a loss as to how to develop and maintain a healthy relationship.

To ensure the development and maintenance of a healthy relationship for these women, experts suggest that these women create a list of their requirements and a vision of the life that they would like to have with their partner. They may have already developed a list of their top five deal breakers. These include; batting a glass while eating, talking on the phone, having separate finances and having separate friends. The list of deal breakers may be used as a bait to hook the man into the relationship.

When faced with a less than ideal selection of potential partners, women reach for the relationship management tool that isPrepared especially for them. Expert relationship advisers work with these women and advise them on strategies and plans for selecting the right person, a process that may range from several months to years, depending on the case. The decision to select one’s partner is one of the most important moments in a woman’s life and these days there are a variety of possibilities for advice and assistance. One option is the geared relationship management system coined ActiveMED dated. ACTomed MS developed by a team of experts including relationship experts, psychologists and relationship counsellors. It is intended to provide single women with a structured presentation of choices for relationship decisions with the help of a single’s expert to minimize future relationship problems or to meet new potential partners. For more information and to purchase a copy of the manual click here